The Affair Report: Asian Girls White Men On The Rise

The Affair Report: Asian Girls White Men On The Rise

Check out this brand new sex affair report on the Asian girls White guys phenomenon sweeping North America, and get in on the red-hot, cheating action! Over half of married men have or are cheating on their wives! Why cheat with more of the same when you have sex with an exotic, Asian beauty? Most men dream of sleeping with Asian girls, but only 30% ever work up the nerve to try. There is a huge demand on Asian dating sites from Asian women between the ages of 18 and 30 to find men to fulfill their Asian girls White men fantasies. Asian girls also share the same fantasies as you!

Asian Girls White Men Case #1: Unhappy, Middle-Aged Man Meets Asian Intern

Stewart, aged forty-three, was in a relationship with a domineering white woman for over fifteen years. She never wanted to have sex with him and she was always telling him that he didn’t make enough money. Whenever he’d bring up their lack of intimacy, she’d always turn it back on him about how she was turned off by his lack of career advancement and complain that he wasn’t the man she fell in love with.

Then, one day at his office job, they hired a gorgeous Asian intern. She was always very friendly and coy with Stewart, but he figured that he never had a chance with someone so young and so beautiful. After six months she moved on to a new place, but Stewart couldn’t get that hot Asian intern out of his mind. After an explosive fight with his wife, he was motivated to sign up for a site that specifically linked Asian girls White men. He wasn’t on it more than twenty-four hours before the hot Asian intern had found and contacted him.

Stewart figured that he wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger with a stranger, but this girl was the reason he had joined in the first place. He decided he had nothing to lose by meeting up with her. They had an incredible time that night. Stewart stopped himself from going home with her, but the attraction was undeniable. Stewart left his wife two months later, and is now happily engaged to Tara, the intern, and the envy of every man in the office!

Asian Girls White Men Case #2: The Dare That Changed His Life

Todd, 27, was happily engaged and on track to buying a house with his fiancee when he went to Vegas for a weekend with his friends. They got drunk and were having the time of their life when they came across a group of sexy Asian girls. One drink led to another, and Todd ended up in bed with one of the gorgeous Asian girls. He came home and never mentioned it to his fiancee, but the experience lingered in his mind. He’d never had such a sexually satisfying experience as he did that night. It wasn’t about the individual Asian girl, he couldn’t stop thinking about the Asian girl White men scenario.

Shortly after returning to his home city of Los Angeles, Todd found himself frequenting places known to be more popular with Asian girls – like Japanese and Chinese restaurants and some nearby bars. It wasn’t long before he was conducting affairs with gorgeous Asian girls through local Asian dating websites. Eventually Todd’s fiancee caught him, and they ended the engagement. Todd is still single but he claims he’s living the life he was never afforded before. He had been with the same girl since high school and had never had the opportunity to explore other options. Todd is happier now than he’s ever been and writes a column on interracial dating.

Asian Girls White Men Case #3: Curiosity Killed A Marriage, But Saved A Life

Always the good guy, Brian married his girlfriend when he got her pregnant. It was a quickie wedding and happened within the second trimester. Unfortunately Brian’s wife lost the child, but Brian was still married to someone he wasn’t in love with. After trying again several times, they finally gave birth to their first child. Brian worked two jobs to support his family, and after his tenth year of marriage he became unbearably depressed. This wasn’t the life that he envisioned for himself, and each day that passed he found it harder and harder to get out of bed. He saw therapists and doctors, but no medication or any amount of talking helped.

After years of marriage counselling, Brian’s waning devotion gave way to curiosity. He’d never been with anyone but his wife, a large black woman prone to depression and mood swings. Brian bought a smart phone, and within the week he had downloaded several hookup apps. He had no real goal in mind, other than to see what else was out there. But before he knew it, his profile took off on an Asian dating app that specialized in Asian girl White men connections. He was a huge hit with 20-something-year-old cute Asian girls. He didn’t act on it at first, but it wasn’t long before Brian was hooking up with beautiful Asian girls nearly half his age. Brian cheated for several years before he finally came clean with his wife. They managed to work it out for the sake of their son, but the compromise included Brian being able to have Asian girlfriends on the side as long as it didn’t interfere with his duties or parenting. Now Brian is mentally healthier than ever; he’s off of any kind of depression-related medication and he no longer has to see a therapist.

Asian Girls White Men Case #4:

Pressured into marrying a family friend at a young age, Allen was never happy with his relationship or his wife. While she made an acceptable companion in many ways – she was a good cook, kept their townhouse tidy, and she cared deeply for him – he never felt that electric sexual connection he had been dreaming about experiencing since he was a teenager.

His wife went out of town for the week to visit family, when Allen was unable to get the time off work. By the second night alone, his fantasies got the better of him and he started looking for discreet hookup dating sites. He came across several of the top Asian hookup sites trying to find his “idea” woman. He decided to make a free account and browse – after all, he was just looking. But within twenty-four hours, he had began chatting with the most beautiful Asian girls he’d ever seen. He’d never done the whole Asian girls White men thing because he never thought he had a chance. When Seo invited him out for drinks, he decided to roll the dice. That same night he went back to her apartment and had the hottest sexual experience of his life.

Allen tried to hide it for a few months, but eventually his wife picked up on the fact that he wasn’t sexually interested in her anymore. They had a long talk, and his wife revealed that she had also been having an affair off and on over the years. They both felt relieved with this giant revelation and parted ways amicably. Now Allen is in a relationship with Seo, and they both enjoy sexual experimentation within the relationship. Allen’s ex-wife has remarried and is expecting a child. Everyone enjoys the holidays together!

Asian Girls White Men Affair Report: The Most Common Ways Men Cheat

In a recent study, it was found that most cheating happens like this: A) At Work (8%) B) Casual Acquaintance or Friend (12%) C) Online (75%) D) Random/Drunk Mistake (5%)

The most popular way for a man to cheat and live out his Asian girls White men affair fantasy, is to do it online through Asian dating, or Asian cheating websites. If you’re interested in having an affair but aren’t sure where to begin, check out Asian Dating Sites Reviews for a comprehensive list of the top Asian hookup sites for meeting Asian girls. If you’re looking for more articles and tips, check out the Meet Asian Girls Main Page.

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