Review Review worst-asian-dating-sites is another entry on our list of the worst Asian dating sites. Another site affiliated with the Cupid Media Pty, which has been very disappointing. When I first started reviewing Asian dating sites I was hopeful about a few sites that they own. I couldn’t be more disappointed with them though since I never successfully hooked up on any of them. Instead of being the great Asian hookup sites I was hoping for, they we’re instead more of a mail order bride service. is just like the other offerings from Cupid Media Pty, a waste of time. I would not recommend anyone sign up for

Sign Up and First Impressions

My initial first impression was that the site already looked like another site I had reviewed. I quickly learned that they we’re owned by the same company. I was very disappointed with the first site I reviewed so my expectations were already very low for The sign up is simple so I figured I would still go ahead. The site is what I expected, which was essentially a mail order bride type service. The home page is filled with pictures of old white men getting success with the site and marrying a younger Asian woman.


  • Signing up and creating your profile is free and fast.
  • Standard search tool with limited search terms provides generic results.
  • Members can add 5 images to their account but not video. Video and IM chat are only available though an upgraded membership.


The site has a 3-tier membership structure with Basic, Gold and Platinum. You can also get discounts on each membership type with multi-month or yearly packages. The base price for the Gold Membership is $29.99 per month and the Platinum Membership is $34.99 per month. Both of which are significantly higher than any of the sites in our best Asian dating sites list.


The results for are not good. The first thing I noticed when browsing the sites members is that they we’re all somewhat older women. Not old, but middle aged. Since I’m a younger guy I was hoping to find younger women, but that was not the case. The site is very basic even compared to the other entries from CupidMedia. felt a lot like a mail order bride service, but doesn’t have the features that make it seem the same, instead it’s just kind of boring. Boring in the sense that there isn’t much the site offers and the females I encountered didn’t get me very excited either. I do feel like this site could work if you are a middle aged or older guy who is looking for middle aged Asian wife. Other than that I can’t see much use for Which is so disappointing since I have been reviewing Asian dating sites. I was excited to try a site called, but I was just left disappointed. I didn’t even want to waste my time trying to hook up on the site since I new very early on that there was no way that was ever going to happen on


The site is very basic. They only cater to a handful of sexual orientations and the search tool reflects that since your options are very limited. The site is a total waste of time for any guy who is looking to hookup with Asian is populated with middle aged Asian women who look as boring as the site itself. Ultimately I would not recommend this site since it seems like a big waste of time and money. was easily one our choices for worst Asian dating sites. Check out the whole list HERE to make sure you avoid being scammed. If you do want a real Asian dating site that works make sure to checkout our list of the best Asian dating sites. We’ve done all the hard work and can tell you which sites will guarantee you success. Stop trying to hookup with sexy Asians, and start actually doing it on one of our best Asian dating sites. Avoid this SCAM site! Check out list of the best Asian Dating Sites here