How To Become A Sexual Samurai On Asian Dating Sites

Become The Ultimate Sexual Samurai On Asian Dating Sites

Become the ultimate sexual samurai on Asian dating sites by following these tips, tricks, and hints for attracting Asian girls and making them beg for more!

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #1: Sign Up To Multiple Sites To Get The Most Girls

If numbers is your game, then sign up to as many Asian dating sites as possible to cover the most ground. There are millions of sexy Asian women looking for men to hook up with every single night and the more sites you’re on, the more your odds increase. Check out Best Asian Dating Sites for a list of the hottest places on the web to find single Asians for hot Asian dates.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #2: Message As Many Girls As You Can When You First Join

As a follow up to tip #1, if you’re hoping to get laid as much as possible, or you just want to increase your odds – then send out messages to as many single Asians as you can. The more girls that write back to you, the higher up the search engine your profile will be. Not only that, but by simply going out on dates – even with girls you’re not that interested in, you will boost your confidence and comfort with dating and using Asian dating sites.

Top online sex experts claim that by using the “cast the widest net” method you can increase the odds of finding an Asian date or an Asian girlfriend by almost 90%. When several critics enquired about the “quality of women” these men were going on dates with, they discovered that of the men interviewed, more than half of them were in relationships with gorgeous Asian women they met during that hookup phase.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #3: Check Out Girls In Nearby Cities

If you’re not content to just date single Asian women in your own city or town, try looking up women in nearby ones. Give yourself a break for the weekend to meet women in a new locale. Many sexual samurais swear by connecting with Asian girls in other cities and countries that they plan to visit, so that they already have dates lined up for when they travel. You can engage a girl via message and keep the “relationship” going by using video chat features. Check out Asian Dating Site Reviews to find out which of the top Asian hookup sites use video chat messaging. It’s a sure-fire way to get laid on-the-go.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #4: Fake It ’Til You Make It

You control all of the information on your Asian dating site profile. You can divulge as much impressive or unimpressive details as you want. You can also stretch the truth a little to make yourself seem like a hotter potential date than you might be – right now. Fake it ’til you make it holds true for dating, too. Most girls lie on their profiles, so why can’t you? If you’re a cashier at a grocery store, you can always call your position “business and finances.” There are always ways around reality when you’re on the hunt for a local, hot Asian date.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #5: Leave The GPS Hookup App On 24/7

Recent studies show that by enabling the GPS function on any of the popular Asian Dating Apps, you increase your odds of hooking up by over 80%! When you enable your app to be visible, Asian women in your area or women frequenting the bars, clubs, or restaurants you’re at with friends – will be able to see and message you! Some Asian women prefer to only message guys through location-based methods. This means that they only want to hookup or date guys that are convenient. When you allow your profile to become a “convenience” you also increase your chances of getting laid.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #6: Sleeping With Multiple Women Increases Your Sex Appeal

It’s a scientific fact that men who sleep around are more attractive to females. The science behind it is, that the more a man has sex, the more testosterone he generates. The more testosterone a man generates, the more powerful his pheromones become at attracting the opposite sex. Many Asian women are smell-oriented and love a powerful man taking the lead in the relationship and the bedroom. You’ll become a total sexual samurai by going on as many dates as possible, and being less choosy about who you have sex with.

As part of a study to prove this theory, scientists used 100 volunteers. At least half of the men used in the study claimed that they started out with less attractive partners, but the more they had sex with them, the more sexier women approached them. This applies to all cultures, but especially Asian. You can get laid by hotter women by sleeping with less attractive women! That’s science!

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #7: Confidence And Charm Will Get You Laid

Several men’s magazines conducted a study last year with 50 Asian men. They took less physically attractive Asian men and trained them for an hour to be confident and charming, and pitted them against physically attractive Asian men who were used to getting women all the time and didn’t feel that they had to make the effort. They set all of the men up on blind dates, and then rotated the dates. At the end of the study, the less physically attractive men had way more women wanting to date and hook up with them than any of the good looking guys. Most of the women confessed that they were impressed with the confident men who listened to them and made the effort to show them attention, and were less attracted to the handsome men because they were cocky without really engaging with them.

While it’s hard to teach a man how to be “charming,” try to be more attentive and thoughtful on your date than you normally would. Hold the door open, tell your date how beautiful she looks, and listen to her carefully when she talks about herself. You’ll find that Asian women especially love this level of attention. They’re looking for a sexual mate and a significant other who exhibit “good long term qualities” even if it’s just for casual sex.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #8: Check Your Phone Sparingly

There’s nothing more annoying than going on a date with someone who is constantly checking their phone. Texting someone in the middle of a conversation or taking a call (unless it’s urgent!) is insulting and won’t win you favors with your Asian date. However, there’s a secret samurai move when using your phone that creates jealousy and competitive behavior in your date. If it looks like you’re getting texts from other women while you’re out on a date – she’s going to wonder who from. Don’t ignore her to text back, but make it obvious that you’re returning texts when you go to the bathroom or up to the bar. Never break your attention to her, but make her feel like there are people who are vying for your attention.

Asian Dating Sites Sexual Samurai Move #9: Create A Dating Strategy

When you meet up with the girl you messaged off an Asian date site, don’t just roll with it. You can make the entire date look spontaneous and unplanned if that’s how you want her to perceive your dating style, but having a “get laid” and an exit strategy are key. If you’re on a date that’s bombing but you don’t want to get a bad reputation for blowing off girls, then mention online before you meet up that you might have to work early the next day. This ensures that you can safely cut the date short without hurting her feelings. Conversely, have a plan for getting laid. Find out what neighborhood she lives in, and either set up the date near her or near your place. Find out which bars and restaurants are nearby and choose ones that have a more intimate vibe and fall under your price range – as you don’t want to cut a date short because you run out of cash!

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