The Top Ten Biggest Myths About Asian Dating Online

The Top 10 Myths About Asian Dating Online

If misconceptions about Asian dating online have been preventing you from using hookup sites and apps, read this article to find out what’s myth vs reality! Many non-Asian men are too intimidated to try exploring dating with another culture and some Asian men aren’t sure what online dating entails. You’re not alone, so start reading to find out how easy it can be and how popular Asian dating online sites have become!

Myth #1 About Asian Dating Online: Asian Girls Don’t Use Dating Sites

The fact is, that almost half of single women between the ages of 18 and 50 use dating sites. Asian women are one of the largest demographics that use online hookup and dating sites – especially Asian dating online sites. Whether they’re looking specifically to connect with other Asian men, white guys, black guys, or everything in-between, most Asian women prefer to meet men online. If you’re looking to meet women that you don’t know through work or school, online is the best place to meet available Asian women.

Myth #2 About Asian Dating Online: Asian Girls Only Like White Guys

Another myth is that Asian girls living in North America only date White guys. While this isn’t true, sometimes they are looking to meet White guys just to try something different. If you’re a White guy hoping to meet Asian women, then using an Asian dating online site like one of the ones listed on Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews is a great idea. These sites specialize in connecting Asian women, Asian men, and the women and men who want to date them!

Myth #3 About Asian Dating Online: The Only Girls Who Use Hookup Apps Are Wild

This is a huge myth! With over half of single Asian women between the ages of 18 and 50 using dating sites, and over 75% of single Asian women between the ages of 18 and 30 using hookup apps – you can be assured that it’s not strictly for sex. A lot of Asian women simply don’t have any other choice but to meet guys using Asian dating online sites and apps. Whether it’s because they don’t have time because they have a full-time job, are in school, or are too shy to approach men – women use hookup apps for the simple purpose of meeting men.

Myth #4 About Asian Dating Online: Only People Looking For Sex Use Dating Sites

While it’s definitely popular to use Asian dating online sites and apps for casual sex, one night stands, and some friendly fun – more than half of dating site and app members use them for dating and long-term relationships. Almost 70% of relationships in North America start from online dating! it may seem frustrating at first, not knowing what people are looking for, but you’ll soon discover that most people list in their profile if they’re interested in casual sex or serious dating.

Myth #5 About Asian Dating Online: Asian Girls Don’t Put Out

Another myth is that it takes a lot of dates to get an Asian girl in bed. While this definitely holds true for some Asian women, it doesn’t apply to many other women who enjoy Asian dating online. Just because a female doesn’t respond to aggressive advances, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to have sex. If you dial it back, you’ll interest her more. If you make her work for it a little bit, and give her the opportunity to make moves on her own, you’re more likely to get laid.

If you’re not sure which sites to join for Asian dating online, check out Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews, where the most popular dating sites geared for dating Asians are reviewed by renowned dating experts and magazine editors.

Myth #6 About Asian Dating Online: You Have To Be Rich To Date An Asian Girl

It’s a stereotype that Asian women notoriously love guys who can take them out for fancy dinner and an expensive night on the town. However, what’s more important and less showcased, Asian women like men who are sweet, and interested in what in what they have to say. Take them on a date that feels meaningful by paying attention to what they tell you they’re interested in. You want to be able to engage in a quiet conversation and get to know each other intimately.

You don’t have to take an Asian girl somewhere fancy to impress her, but take her somewhere that encourages conversation and serves food she likes. A safe bet with Asian girls is generally seafood or vegetarian – but make sure there are plenty of options, no matter where you choose. You don’t have to be over the top with authentic Asian spots to impress her.

Myth #7 About Asian Dating Online: You Have To Be Hot To Date An Asian Girl

It’s also a stereotype that Asian women only date stylish guys. While it’s true, to impress an Asian woman – or any woman – it’s important to put effort into your appearance – Asian women aren’t superficial. Asian women prefer a man who’s sensitive and considerate. They often view a man who grooms well as respectful and worthy. If you put in a little bit of effort, you can really impress on our first Asian dating online endeavour. Check out some of the top Best Asian Dating Sites and create a profile.

Myth #8 About Asian Dating Online: Asian Girls Aren’t Allowed To Date Non-Asians

Another myth is that Asian girls aren’t allowed to date non-Asians, but that’s simply not true. While some traditional Asian parents bring their daughters up to believe that they have to date an Asian man, it’s slowly changing for Asian girls living in North America. Once an Asian girl no longer lives at home, she can date whoever she wants – and that often that includes non-Asians. The best place to look for non-Asians, after growing up in a culture that only prefers you date Asians, is to find guys looking for Asian dating online. While you might have to work harder to impress her parents, it’s no longer an impossibility to have a non-Asian and Asian coupling.

Myth #9 About Asian Dating Online: All Asian Girls Are Submissive

While it’s true that many Asian girls are submissive – in bed and in personality – there are also a lot of Asian women who are outgoing, flamboyant, and dominant. Don’t assume that just because the girl you find attractive is Asian, that she’s also submissive, shy, and will do whatever you tell her. The only way to really tell is to get to know her in person. Everyone is different and everyone wants different things from a relationship. Always be respectful and don’t make assumptions – she’ll appreciate it.

Myth #10 About Asian Dating Online: Asian Girls Like White Guys Who Are Obsessed With Asian Culture

While most Asian girls appreciate it if the guy they’re dating takes an interest in their culture and tries to learn more about it, if you’re really into Asian culture don’t assume she’ll think it’s cool. If you go on a first date and you know a lot about her specific background, don’t list her facts or act like a know-it-all, because it’s a huge turn-off. Share with her if you’ve traveled to her home country, and talk about the food you’re eating, but don’t tell her about her own culture. Also don’t assume that just because she’s Asian that she has typical Asian interests. If you’re only dating a Japanese girl because you like manga, don’t be surprised if you find out she’s not into it.

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