Review Review worst-asian-dating-sites is an easy entry into our list of the worst Asian dating sites. Part of the Cupid Media Pty the scam site is a total waste of time. The sites home page is basic and kind of boring right from the get go. I didn’t hook up on the site since I didn’t spend much time on it after I signed up. The site has about 100 sister sites, which had me worrying right away that this site might not be great.

Sign Up and First Impressions

The sign up was simple and basic so thankfully that only took a few minutes. They have you fill out most of your info on the first page. From there it goes down hill. My first impression was mostly disappointment. I realized that only with a platinum membership could I use the translation function. Without it a lot of the member profiles were in a language I couldn’t read. The membership price is also a bit steep compared to other sites we tried. The site feels more like a mail order bride service instead of a hookup and dating site. The site displays your criteria on a members profile page and shows you how compatible you are. Except the criteria is all stuff that does seem to matter all that much like occupation, religion and whether you smoke or drink. The site is also littered in click bait add crap that is really annoying to deal with.


  • “Cupid Tag” lets you select keywords that the site uses to match you with other members. They are mostly based on general and common interests
  • The site lets you send flowers to you matches through a service called Flora2000. I wouldn’t trust that those flowers will ever show up though since I think most of the profiles are fake.
  • The site links to Expedia incase you and your match want to make last minute travel arrangements to meet. Adding to the feel of the site being more like a mail order bride service.
  • There is no way for the site to verify its members, which seems problematic considering all of he things you can buy through the site.


The regular monthly cost for an upgraded membership is $30 a month. That is high compared to the best Asian dating sites we tried for cheaper. The only discounts they offered were for a 12-month membership.


We signed up for only one month since we weren’t very confident the site was going to be good. The first few chats I stared quickly turned from casual chit chat to her trying to get me to subtly buy her things. I had a few chats that seemed to be going somewhere that just went quiet after a while. I had actually made plans with one girl, but she never showed up, which wasn’t all the surprising to me. I noticed the site used to be called China Love Links so I think it was more of a mail order bride service before they tried to re-brand to a dating a hookup site. The only thing that seemed to have changed was the design, since the women on the site only seem to be interested in having you buy them stuff. Thankfully the ads went away after we upgraded since they were everywhere. That didn’t matter much in the end tough since even with the upgraded membership, I couldn’t find success on the site. I also noticed that some of the pictures on the same profile were of different women.


You can probably guess that we do not recommend this site since it’s on our list of the worst Asian dating sites. The site is boring and seems to only exist to hook up Chinese women with guys in western countries for marriage. We recommend that you avoid this site and instead use one of our recommended best Asian dating sites that will actually get you laid. We have taken all the work and headaches out of trying to hook up with Asian women and provided you with in depth info on what sites will actually get you what you want. Avoid this SCAM site! Check out list of the best Asian Dating Sites here