Create A Profile To Attract An Asian Girl Friend!

Create The Hottest Dating Profile On A Free Asian Dating Site

Create a profile that will attract the most messages and dates on a free Asian dating site by following these hot expert tips, tricks, and strategies. If you’re looking to meet Asian girls, the best way to get their attention is over the phone. If you don’t already have their phone number and aren’t connected to them through their private social media accounts, then the only way to start a conversation is through a dating site or app they might be on.

If you’re looking for an Asian girlfriend specifically, the best way to find one is by joining an Asian dating website. Asian girls won’t tell you this, but they use Asian sites specifically because they want guys who are better boyfriends. All Asian girls know that guys who use Asian sites to find an Asian girl friend, make better boyfriends than the ones you meet on general dating sites. This is because guys who like Asian girls are typically more traditional and respect their girlfriends.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #1: Make Your Profile Photo Pop

Asian girls love fun, stylish, eye-catching imagery. The best way to get a cute Asian girl friend is to make a profile that pops. Take some photos of you wearing bold colors or stylish prints, and dress more like a fun pop star than an average guy on the street. Study Asian “street style” blogs for pointers and ideas on how to add flare on a budget.

If you don’t have that many good photos and you don’t want to change your wardrobe to get girls, then your best bet is to add fun colors to your photos with an app or computer program. If you look like fun and like the same stuff as Asian girls, it’ll be much easier for you to attract an Asian girl friend. Upload a variety of photos that show off you in your element and you enjoying things that make you interest. You can also include photos of things you like – as long as they aren’t cheesy. Include fun photos but avoid anything too gross or off-putting.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #2: Be Funny On Your Profile

Make some inoffensive, lighthearted jokes in your dating profile to attract more fun and open-minded Asian girls. Many Asian girls love a guy with a sense of humor. By showing a girl that you can make her laugh, It’ll be easier to get more dates and an Asian girl friend. If you are given a polite rejection online, handle it with a sense of humor and don’t get angry. Often if you impress an Asian girl with how you handle her “not interested” message, she will give you a second chance. It’s definitely worth keeping your cool.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #3: Show Them That You Love Food And Cooking

Asian girls love to eat food and they love to cook for men. But if you can show them that you love food and that you can cook really well especially if you can cook Asian dishes, It will really impress the Asian girl friend of your dreams. By posting pictures of some food that you made or ate on your dating profile, you will attract lots of Asian girls. It sounds weird but it’s true, just make sure to use good lighting and pictures of food that actually looks appetizing.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #4: Connect Your Social Media Accounts To Appear Cool And Confident

Asian girls love to use as many apps and social media accounts on their phone as possible. They use them for socializing, connecting with family and friends, and meeting guys. If you also use your phone for similar things they’ll feel closer to you. A lot of guys nag girls who are always on their phone, but if you’re all about your phone too, it will be easier to win the heart of your dream Asian girl friend. One way to do this is to connect your social media accounts to your dating profile. This way she can scope out your social accounts and see that you’re also a fun or funny guy who they would enjoyed hanging out with. It can be hard to tell a lot about someone from just one look at their basic dating profile. Find some popular Asian dating sites on Asian Dating Site Reviews and check out more hot tips RIGHT HERE.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #5: Show That You Like Asian Culture, If You’re Non-Asian

If you are a non-Asian looking for an Asian girl friend, then it’s important to convey that you’re interested in Asian culture without looking racist or over-the-top. You can do this by showing pictures of you eating Asian food, or photos of you in Asian countries if you’ve been to them. Avoid including in your profile things about how you love having sex with Asian girls, or that you have an Asian girl fetish. Many Asian girls can find that offensive but they will find it appealing if you convey that you’re interested in their culture in a respectful manner.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #6: If You’re An Asian Guy, Show Them That You’re Cooler Than The Ones They Meet Through Mom

If you’re an Asian guy looking for an Asian girl friend, and you want to stand out from all the other Asian guys that they already know and have dated. Check out what Asian girls find fashionable on men, and update your wardrobe with just a few new items for taking photos. Asian girls prefer Asian guys that dress nicely but still seem like fun. They don’t want to date a guy if it seems like they could’ve met him through their mother. If you have interests that aren’t typical to Asian men, then highlight them on your profile. If you have interests like sports, art, movies, or you’re really good at cooking – show off photos of you doing those things. Don’t just write about your interests in your profile. Visual statements have more impact than written ones, when it comes to creating a dating profile.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #7: Appear Cool But With Traditional Values

While you want to show off how cool you are to potential Asian girl friends, you also want to convey that you have traditional values like they do. Avoid posting photos of yourself licking vodka off girls’ boobs on the beach, and don’t write anything in your profile that slanders your family, school, or your job. Keep your profile positive and PG-rated, and save more intimate details for in-person conversation. A recent study showed that 80% of Asian girls like guys who are very different from the guys that their parents try to set them up with. They also secretly want to find a guy with similar values. It can be confusing to satisfy both of these traits, so if you want to show that you have a wild side also show that you’re a secure guy, too.

Attract An Asian Girl Friend Tip #8: Appear Intelligent But Not Nerdy

Asian girls love smart guys. Wow your future Asian girl friend with your intelligence and not your “book smarts.” Impress her with how attentive you are by listening to her and asking her questions. It’s the easiest trick to make a girl think that you’re smarter than you are! If you’re talking about something at great length and she starts to yawn or keeps checking her phone – you’re boring her! Keep the conversation interesting by changing topics, maintaining eye contact, and not getting too drunk.

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