Review Review worst-asian-dating If you are looking for Asian dating hookups eHarmony is not a site you should use. The site is one of the more recognizable sites since they advertise on TV and the radio. The truth though is that this site is a major waste of time and you will only find women here who want to be in long term relationships and get married. You will never find someone to have a casual hookup with on this site.

Sign Up and First Impressions

I can say that my first impression of the sign up process was not good. The first thing they tell you is that they want to “get to know you” so I knew I was in for the long haul. They also tell you that its going to be a breeze in what seems like an attempt to distract you from the many questions that are about to come. The next few pages asked me questions I had already answered. The site should already know my age and sex since I told them that when I initially signed up. The first page I filled out to get to the questionnaire is usually the entire sign up process on any other hookup site. After I had answered all the same questions again, only now I find out that the real sign up begins. The site asked me to agree or disagree with a bunch of statements about my personality and beliefs on dating. At this point I tired to speed though the process, but if a lot of your answers are the same they make you choose again which is annoying. After answering about 20 questions the site told me I was only %35 done. If I did not have to review this site, I would have given up a long time ago since I could have been hooking up with a girl on another site by this point. There is literally a whole section called “My Feelings”, the only one that should matter is horny. Admittedly I got frustrated and tried to speed though the questions. I was met with a page that told me they didn’t have any people for me. So I had to start again.


The site really pushes the multi-month and yearly packages on you, which are all hundreds of dollars! It took some digging just to find the price for a 1-month membership, which turned out to be $59.95/month! That’s the least amount you can spend to use the site. I could get a 6month subscription to a site I know works for that price.


  • “eH Advice” provides dating and relationship advice. The site was created by a psychologist and incorporates 29 different dimensions of compatibility to match up people’s personalities. Which I’m not sure I believe.
  • Personality Profiles. You can find out about your own personality based on the answers you gave. Nothing like being judged by a computer algorithm.
  • They provide you a ProfileAdvisor who are professional writers and relationship experts.


The site is intended for people who want a serious relationship. They ask you a ridiculous amount of questions so that when you get on the site, you have already invested so much, that you are more willing to believe they can find you the one. No one wants to admit that they wasted all that time so they go along with it. If I know anything about relationships and the human condition, its that there is no math problem that will give you the perfect answer. Everyone is strange and different and there is no way to truly know if anyone is the “one”. My advice is that you should try to have some fun and hookup before trying to settle down with some dating website. When, if ever, you feel like getting serious you will find someone somewhere, and that place will not be on If you are looking for casual hookups stay away from eHarmony. Instead, have some fund and check out our best Asian dating sites to find a site that works. Start hooking up tonight! Avoid this SCAM site! Check out list of the best Asian Dating Sites here