Review Review Review is another entry into our list of the best Asian dating sites. The site boasts discretion and it delivers just that. If you want to have some fun in private or if you are in a relationship and just want a little strange, this site is #1. The site allows you to search exclusively for Asian men and women so you can use the site for Asian dating and hookups. The site isn’t dedicated to Asian dating, but the membership database is so large that you will always find an Asian single to hook up with.

Sign Up and First Impressions

The home page is pretty basic with some information about the site and some testimonials from members who use the site regularly. The sites sign up process is quick and easy, just like the women you will meet on the site. The first step is to select what you sexual orientation is and then which sexual orientation you are looking for. The second page is where you will put in most of your info like age, location and your email address. You will also have to pick a username; this takes the longest since a lot are already chosen since the site is very popular. After that you are good to go! You will get a confirmation email with a link to your new account, which you can start using right away! You can input more info to your profile like a profile picture, which will greatly increase your chances of success on the site. Other than that you don’t have to worry too much. You can start searching and browsing members right away. The women on the site, I mostly was looking at the Asian women, are very attractive. Some members post some very racy pictures so even browsing can be fun.



  • The search tool lets you search from pretty much anything you want, especially Asian women. You can search for Asian women as well as what sexual activity you are looking for or you can search Asian women of any age, size, or whatever else you want. I got a seemingly endless of Asian women for my search results every time. When you are in a larger city the list can almost go on forever.
  • You can post images or videos to you profile. I saw a lot of very sexy videos from Asian women that we’re very R-rated. They are certainly not shy when it comes to wanting to have sex.
  • You can also video chat with members. You can keep it simple with the IM chat feature, but if you want to see your potential hookup partner before meeting in person, its very easy to do.
  • The mobile site allows you to browse from anywhere, anytime. If you are traveling its great for hooking up while out of town.

Pricing lets you join and create a profile for free. You can also browse the site and see what they have to offer before signing up. We think you’ll like what you see, we did! I upgraded the membership since I always do an in depth analysis of each site we review. I did not regret upgrading since I was very successful using EroticSearch, more on that below. You can upgrade to either a Gold or Silver membership on a monthly or yearly basis. The yearly basis memberships are cheaper, but only if you pay for the entire year at once.


  • The site can be used for finding Asian singles exclusively.
  • Great for people who are looking for a bit of extramarital excitement or if you are in a relationship and just want some strange. The site focuses on discretion so you need not fear being caught. I hooked up with a 2 women who were in relationships and they might have been the freakiest women I met on the site.
  • The popularity of the site means that no matter what time you are browsing the site, you will always have plenty of options of sexy Asian women to chat and hookup with. I was mostly using the site in a major city center so there were always thousands of women online in my area.
  • I got so many messages from female members that I couldn’t reply to all of them. I’m usually reviewing a few sites at a time and I just didn’t have the time to hook up with all the women I could have on the site.


  • The site does require you to upgrade your membership to take full advantage of what they have to offer. Although free sites are always disappointing, so this really isn’t that much of a downside since if you want to hookup you will have to shell out a few bucks
  • It took me a few minutes to select a username that wasn’t already chosen.


As I do for most of the sites I review, I used the site for roughly a month and the results are below. The site has a lot of members so finding Asian women to message did not take long at all.
Messages Sent 50
Relies Received 43
Dates From Replies 16
Hookups From Dates 8
These numbers don’t include all of the messages I received that I didn’t reply to. Although I might try replying to some of them in the future since I feel like my odds of hooking up with the women who send me a message are a bit higher. The odds of hooking up from the numbers I recorded we’re nearly 1 in 5, which for a dating site are really good. I only sent 50 messages in total, but if you wanted you could send 100 messages in just one day. Or you could wait for a woman to reach out to you, which doesn’t take long either


In conclusion, is a great dating and hookup site that allows you to search for Asian members exclusively. While it’s not exclusively an Asian dating site, I hooked up with a lot of sexy Asian women and the site was better than some Asian dating sites I’ve used. is an entry we can easily and confidently include in our list of the best Asian dating sites. Check out the list of our picks for the best Asian dating site and start successfully hooking up tonight! Also check our list of the worst Asian dating sites to make sure you avoid being scammed and frustrated. We’ve done all he research and grunt works. Check out our list of recommended sites and start hooking up stress free! Sign Up For Your Free Account Now