The Top Five Signs You’ll Get Laid On Your Asian Date

Top Five Tip-Offs You’re Getting Laid On Your Asian Date

Read this article to find out how to identify the top five signs that she wants to have sex on your Asian date and how to get from the date to your bedroom! Often times, wilder Asian dates will just go for it and proposition you, but for other times when you’re on a date with a more subtle vixen, learning the key things that every Asian woman does when she’s interested in sleeping with her date is useful. If you learn to recognize the signs, you can save a lot of time in your quest for sex! Get straight to the good stuff with these easy tips.

#1 Sign That Your Asian Date Wants Sex: Smiling And Giggling

If your Asian date is having a good time, she’ll indicate it by smiling and laughing – even at your lamest jokes. If she’s disinterested, she’ll probably keep looking at her phone or ignore you. If she’s interested in taking the conversation to the bedroom, she’ll also engage in light touching when she laughs. Whether she’s touching your shoulder, your arm, or your leg – the fact that she’s touching you is a good sign! Especially if she’s a shy Asian woman, her touch indicates that she’s very interested. Go with the flow and see how she responds to a light touch from you.

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#2 Sign That Your Asian Date Wants Sex: She Leans Toward You

Body language is a huge indicator that she’s interested in you. If she’s leaning into you or positioning her body in such a way that she’s fully engaged and present in the conversation – she’s interested. One way to tell is by looking at her knees and feet. If they’re pointing toward you, she’s interested, if they’re pointing in the opposite direction while you’re talking – she’s probably not that into it. A good way to test how interested she is, is to lean toward her too, and let your knees touch. See if she edges away or lets your bodies remain touching. If she continues to lean into you, then it’s all systems go. Slowly lean in closer until you’re eventually just making out!

#3 Sign That Your Asian Date Wants Sex: Her Body Language Is Suggestive

Whether she’s doing it consciously or subconsciously, when a woman wants to appear attractive to a man, she will position herself to accentuate her best assets. If she has large breasts, she will lean over to show them off. If she’s proud of her legs, she’ll often sit so that you have a full view of them. If your Asian date wants you to notice her body, it’s because she’s hoping to have sex. You can indicate that your interested without saying anything. Let her see you looking at what she’s trying to show off, and if she’s interested in taking you home she’ll probably make the next move.

#4 Sign That Your Asian Date Wants Sex: She Keeps Bringing Up Sex

If sex is on your Asian date’s mind, then it’s probably because she’s hoping to get laid on your date. If she keeps making innuendos and watching for your reaction, she’s probably trying to figure out how easy it would be to get you into bed. The best way to respond to a sexually rambunctious Asian girl’s comments is to take it in a stride. Laugh and convey that you’re comfortable, but don’t escalate the conversation by saying something even raunchier. Always stay less sexual than she’s being, and never act defensive or aggressive. If she likes being in control, then she’ll probably make the first move. If you want to know what dating sites have the best women for Asian dating, read reviews here.

#5 Sign That Your Asian Date Wants Sex: She’s Nervous And Drinking To Compensate

Sometimes if an Asian girl is nervous because she likes you, she’ll start knocking back drinks at warp speed. If she’s drinking because she’s nervous, she’ll probably become more touchy-feeling and giggly as the night progresses. But be careful, but if she drinks too much it’s bad form to have sex with her – and the sex won’t even be good. If you think your date is into you but getting way too wasted, suggest you go out and find somewhere that serves late-night eats. Cutting the date short to eat or walk her home and it might even lead to her inviting you over. Not all late nights end in sex when you’re too drunk. It’s always a good idea if there’s sexual tension building, to just go for it before you both get too tired.

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