HookupCloud.com Review

HookupCloud.com Review

HookupCloud.com Review

Another great entry into our best Asian dating sites is the quick and easy to use HookupCloud.com. The site isn’t exclusive to Asian dating, but with so many members and a great search tool, the site can provide you exactly what you want. The site guarantees that it will get you laid, and I can tell you from experience that they deliver on that guarantee. The HookupCloud.com home page is covered in a collage of member profiles pictures so right off the bat you can see what the sites members have to offer. They also have users testimonials on the home page so you can hear first hand just how great the site works. They also display some stats on how many members they have and how many are currently using the site. There is a short list of rules as well that need to be followed. The rules are mostly just a reminder to keep things casual as the site is only meant to hook up people for quick casual encounters.

Sign Up and First Impressions

As soon as you hot the landing page you can tell that this site is modern. The design is great and the page loads quickly and functions well. The first thing you see is a collage of sexy female member profiles, so you can see a preview of what the site has to offer right away. The sign up is super simple. The site gives you an idea of this with their 4 steps for success, which include 1. Join Hookup Cloud 2. Connect 3. Start Hooking Up and 4. Repeat. That might sound overly simple, which it might be, but t is essentially what your experience using the site will be like. I guarantee that if you try the site you will be coming back for more. The actual sign up process is actually quick and easy. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions and provide an email address and a username. After that you have the option to set-up you profile with as much info as you want. You can even choose to put no info on it, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Your adds of success are much higher if you take a few minutes to fill out a few things and add a picture.


  • The search function is very extensive as you can search for almost any thing you want. You can search based on sexual orientation, race, size, location, sexual desires or fetishes. If you just want something quick and easy, you can search for the closest members who are currently online looking to hook up. You can also select your preferences and the site will only display members you want. This is great for the lovers of Asian women as you can have the site show you only Asian members in your area.
  • Video and text chat lets you communicate with members quickly. You can get right into it and start planning where and when you will hook up. You can also just log in and have some fun since those video chats can get pretty R-rated real fast.
  • Member Activity Feed gives you an up to the minute update about what members in your area are doing on the site. It will tell you when a member adds a new photo or when they look at your profile. It’s a great way to engage with members and see how other use the site.
  • Profile Videos are a great little addition that makes a big difference. You can get a much better sense of someone from a short video than you can from a photo. Some members’ also post very racy videos so those are fun on there own.



The site allows you to sign up for free and take a look at the inside of the site. If you want to have full access to the site though you will need to upgrade your membership. While some people think this is a drawback, I would disagree. As with most things online these days like streaming services you are allowed to use them for free, but if you want to use it to its full potential you need to pay. So if you don’t want to deal with the obstacles that come with only having a basic account, I would go for a gold or silver membership. Once you hookup with a smoking hot Asian single in your area you will not regret paying the small monthly fee.


  • The site allows you to view exclusively Asian members essentially making it an Asian dating site.
  • Slick design and very easy to navigate and use.
  • Members are always online and ready to chat.


  • The basic membership only gets you so much and an upgraded membership is needed to communicate with members.


The site boasts some hook up stats right on the home page, and I was excited and surprised to see that my numbers weren’t far off. I used the site for roughly a month and the results are below.
Messages Sent 50
Relies Received 41
Dates From Replies 12
Hookups From Dates 7
For every 50 messages sent I hooked up more from more than 10% of them. These are great numbers considering you could send 50 messages in a day easily. I also got messages from members who were reaching out to me and I also saw a lot of people look at my profile that I didn’t have to time to reach out to. You can easily find a hookup quick and easy on HookupCloud.com


I had a lot of success using the site and I think anyone who joins could do the same. As I am a fan of the Asian women, and this site is dedicated to them, I reached out exclusively to Asian women in my area. If you just want to get laid, you could send messages to every kind of women and you would be hooking up that night for sure! The site doesn’t have a bunch of features that are essentially all the same or totally unnecessary to getting you laid. Instead the site is simple and direct and works to get the job done. If you just want to find a sexy Asian girl in your area to hook up with, HookupCloud.com is a great site to use. Make sure to check out our other recommended best Asian dating site. Also check out our picks for the worst Asian dating sites to ensure you don’t end up getting ripped off and left frustrated without getting laid. Sign Up For Your Free HookupCloud.com Account Now