How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Without Leaving Home

Get An Asian Girlfriend Without Leaving Home

Check out these ten hot tips for getting a hot Asian girlfriend without going to a bar, approaching women on the street, or having to leave your house! It’s super easy to pick up Asian babes, you just have to know the secrets that other guys know.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #1: Create An Interesting Dating Profile

The quickest way to get an Asian girlfriend is to create an engaging profile on a dating site. With over 70% of the available Asian women using Asian dating sites, you want to make your profile as interesting as you possibly can. This is their first impression of you! By creating an online profile, you have much greater control over what they see and what they think about you, than if you met them in person first. With just a couple of attractive photos and a funny one-liner, you can attract Asian girls and get a date.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #2: Use A Smart Phone

By using your smart phone and downloading hookup apps, you have an 80% higher chance of getting laid or getting an Asian girlfriend than you would just trying to meet girls in person. Most Asian girls use smart phones and have the latest hookup app or website. In a recent study, it found that Asian girls check their phone at least ten times every waking hour. That means you have a way higher chance of getting her attention by contacting her online.

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How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #3: Know Your Neighborhood

It’s a lot easier to turn your date into a sleepover if you invite your Asian date to your neighborhood. Find out all of the best places to eat, the best places to go for drink, and the hippest parts of your area. If you make her want to come to you and lead her to think that a lot of cool stuff goes on in your neighborhood, it’ll be easier to get her to come back to your house or apartment at the end of the night. Offer her something she can’t get where she lives.

TIP: If there’s a bar that you like, you could always go ahead of time and pay the bartender for drinks. Ask him to serve you “free” drinks and impress your date with how popular you are in your neighborhood! For more tips, check out Best Asian Dating Sites.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #4: Learn To Cook

If taking your date or Asian girlfriend out for dinner is too expensive, learn how to cook at home. She’ll be so impressed that you know how to make her favorite dinner that she won’t realize you were too broke to take her somewhere fancy. Women prefer to see their man make the effort, and you can trick her into thinking that you care more just by learning how to make something she enjoys eating. Most Asian girls are total foodies and will be excited to eat homemade authentic Asian food – and probably take photos for the social media accounts. Then you can look like a hero in front of a lot of hot Asian babes!

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #5: Get A Hobby

The busier you seem with interesting activities, the more attractive you’ll become to potential Asian girlfriends. Asian girls especially love creative guys who are artists, play in bands, or make cool things. You don’t have to be good at playing music or drawing, but it’s a way to attract more women to you. Put it in your online profile and learn about something new. Take a class to enhance your most interesting skills and talk about your passion on your date.

This is an especially good tip for shy guys trying to get out there and date. If you fear that you have nothing to talk about, this is a great way to ensure that your conversation won’t go completely stale if your date is also shy. Remember to ask her about her hobbies, too. Most people have something that they enjoy doing.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #6: Spice Up Your Image

It’s true that Asian women prefer men who take their appearance and image a little bit more seriously. They want a guy who can stay up to date with styles and keep on top of personal hygiene. This doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, if you know where she prefers to shop then you can buy from the guy’s side. Most Asian women are frugal shoppers and know all of the cheap places to buy stylish clothes. If you ask her for her advice, she’ll jump at the chance to play dress-up with you and dress you exactly how she likesand you’ll get a date out of it!

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #7: Get In Shape

You don’t have to be cut like a body builder to get an Asian girlfriend, but you can do simple exercises at home to tone up right before your date. By doing a series of simple ab crunches, squats, and push-ups you’ll temporarily make your muscles seem more defined and harder to the touch. If you get a full-time Asian girlfriend, since much of their food is healthier than the Western diet, you’ll probably get in shape and lose weight by accident anyway!

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #8: Use Social Media

Since Asian girls are all about social media, online image, and texting – it’s a must that you step up your game online. If you prefer to keep it simple because you have work colleagues or family as friends online, just be sure to post only flattering photos and nothing too political. If you can make her laugh with your profile, then you have a chance to make her your Asian girlfriend.

Don’t be too quick to “add” or “follow” the girl that you want to make your Asian girlfriend. Play it cool by waiting several days. People who are busy with their own lives always appear more attractive.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #9: Be Confident

All women, not just Asians, love a man with confidence. Even if you aren’t confident, you can fake it by keeping conversation to a minimum and playing it cool. She never has to know that you’re stressed out about how you look or what to say or do on your date, if you don’t talk too much and keep your breathing calm. If you let her do most of the talking on your date, you get to know her better and you appear like and attentive guy – the kind she is more likely to want to date.

How To Get An Asian Girlfriend Tip #10: Be Flexible

While most Asian women prefer their date to make all of the plans and choose where they’re going to eat, if something should go awry, remaining calm and going with the flow makes you look more in control and like a leader. Never let her see you sweat.

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