How To Really Impress An Asian Girl On Your First Date

Top Five Ways To Impress An Asian Girl On Your First Date

Here are the top five ways to impress an Asian girl on your very first date so that she’ll text you later and even ask to go on a second date immediately! Follow these easy tips for a fun first date that she’ll be craving more of!

1. Asian Girls Prefer It When You Plan The Date

Most Asian girls don’t want to have to decide what happens on the date. Before you ask her out, make sure to have a plan already. If you want to take her out for food, find out what kind of things she likes to eat, then suggest you go try it. While it’s important to have a plan, be sure to remain flexible or have a back-up plan, in case she changes her mind or isn’t having a good time.

2. Choose A Date Spot That Allows For Conversation

While it might be fun to take your date to a concert or a movie, it’s important to your Asian date to establish a bond through conversation. Some nice first date places that she’ll like are restaurants, a picnic in the park, or an interesting destination that she’s never been to before.

3. Asian Girls Prefer Men Who Dress Nicely And Groom

Above all else, Asian women prefer men that have style and sophistication. While you don’t have to be the hottest guy out there, take pride in your appearance and don’t show up to your date looking and smelling like you haven’t showered in a week.

4. Asian Women Don’t Like To Get Too Drunk

Culturally, Asian women don’t tend to drink too much. They also prefer men who don’t fall under the drunk jerk stereotype. It’s a lot easier to impress her when you’re totally in control of your actions and words. Everyone gets nervous, and it’s ok to drink a little – but only if she is.

5. Use Light Contact And Compliments To Impress Your Asian Date

After you’ve spent some time getting to know your hot date, give her a genuine compliment. Asian women like to hear how nice their hair looks or how cool their style is. Don’t talk about her race when you provide compliments, as it can easily be taken the wrong way. Applying gentle and hesitant physical contact is a good way to gauge how interested she is. If she shies away, you might have to wait for a second date kiss!

Be sure not to pressure your date or be too aggressive physically. While Asian women prefer men who take the lead, they’re also more conservative. If you aren’t sure if your date is into you, read our blog post abouthow to tell when an Asian girl likes you!

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