Sexual Sushi: How To Impress Japanese Girls In Bed

5 Ways To Impress Japanese Girls With Sexual Sushi

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Asian women, read this guide on sexual sushi and discover the top five ways to impress Japanese girls in bed. Sometimes being a little wild really impresses girls. Please enjoy safely!

1. Show Your Asian Girlfriend Your Dynamite Roll

You don’t have to be packing a giant roll to make it dynamite! If you want to impress your Japanese or Asian girlfriend, then learn how to use the roll that you were born with. Rhythm, force, and passion are key to creating a “dynamite” experience for your Asian date.

2. Japanese Girls Like A Little Wasabi On The Side

Don’t be afraid to show your Japanese date that you can be a little spicy. Be sweet, but show her your slightly aggressive side in the bedroom to turn the heat up and get things spicy. By lightly pulling her hair, taking control of the sexual positions, and whispering dirty words – you can really take a bland dish and make it mouth-watering!

3. Japanese Girlfriend Trick: Let Me See Your Salmon Roll

Take things to the next level and do it on all fours! Your Asian girlfriend will love you making her salmon roll! Control the pace by placing your hands firmly on her hips. You can push, lift, and move her hips like a steering wheel to paradise! Don’t be afraid to take charge and show her that you know what you’re doing in bed. She’ll be coming back for more.

4. Japanese Girlfriend Trick: Uramaki Like A Hurricane

Uramaki is an “inside out roll”. If you want to show your Japanese girlfriend a really good time, rock her from the inside out. This means warm her up with affection and take your time pleasing her, before you are satisfied. If your Asian date is rocked on the inside, then she’ll be ready to rock you on the outside!

5. Tako Your Japanese Date Home Tonight

If you really want to impress your Asian date, tako her to the limits! Tako is the Japanese word for “octopus”. Use your hands to please your date, by being gentle and slow. Don’t be too aggressive or rough with your hands, treat them more like soft tentacles under the water. Give your date a nice experience by slowly undressing her, and showing her that you have complete control of all of your fingers! You can use every part of your body to be sensual!

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