Top Ways To Juggle Your Dates With Hot Asian Girls UK

Juggle Hot Asian Girls UK With These Tips

Read these useful tips designed to help you juggle multiple hot Asian girls UK, using nothing but your own smart phone you can become the UK’s Casanova! Don’t be limited to only one hot Asian girl, go all the way and get as many hot Asian girls UK as you possibly can. Once you know these tips, nothing will stop you from enjoying the benefits of multiple partners. The quickest way to find hot Asian girls looking for a good time is by checking out this ultimate list of the top Asian hookup sites!

Juggle Hot Asian Girls UK Tip #1: Use Calendar Apps

Juggling girls is as easy as synching a calendar app to your phone. Maximize your time effectively by scheduling your dates around the most convenient times you can hook up. Whether you want to meet up on your lunch break at work, before you hit the gym, or enjoy a special date on the weekend – you can keep everyone separated and sorted.

TIP: An easy way to keep track of who is who in your hot Asian girls UK repertoire, take a photo of the girl you’re dating and keep it tagged with her name in a link to your calendar. Never mess up another hot Asian girl’s name again. If you don’t want any of the girls you’re dating to be any wiser about your Casanova status, then remember names is imperative! For more tips on hooking up with hot Asian girls, check out Best Asian Dating Sites!

Juggle Hot Asian Girls UK Tip #2: Spread Out Your Dating Locations

Another key to dating multiple hot Asian girls in the UK, is to organize who you’re dating by area code. It can be tempting to only date women who live within five minutes of your apartment or work, but it becomes all too easy to get busted on dates with other women. When using a dating site GPS locator or a hookup app, you’re able to separate girls by their location and therefore prevent yourself from running into one of your Asian girlfriends while on a date with a different Asian girlfriend. Spread them out over your city to minimize the risk of getting caught! In a recent study conducted by a top men’s magazine, they discovered 65% of men are juggling relationships with women, and most of the women have no idea it’s happening! With odds like that, why not give it a shot?

Juggle Hot Asian Girls UK Tip #3: Keep Your Phone On Silent

Always keep your phone on silent when on a date, or while you’re sleeping with an Asian girl. Sometimes it’s fun to incite girls to behave competitively, when you don’t actually care about who you’re hooking up with. But if you’re vying for the affection of one hot Asian girl in particular, it’s better to let her think that you’re a little more committed to the development of a relationship. If you’re trying to juggle multiple hot Asian girls in the UK, then it’s better to keep it drama-free by giving your dates less to complain or question you about.

TIP: If you don’t want to get busted chatting and messaging with other women, refrain from checking your phone in front of her. She’ll be curious and if you try and hide your screen, she’ll become suspicious. Check your phone in the bathroom or when you have some privacy.

Juggle Hot Asian Girls UK Tip #4: Be Transparent About The Fact That You’re Dating

Another tactic to juggling hot Asian girls UK, is to be transparent with your dates about the fact that you’re dating multiple women. When you first start dating hot Asian girls from an Asian dating site, you can assume that most people are going on multiple dates and testing the water. Once you’ve hooked up with someone consistently a few times, they might begin to assume that you’re in a relationship together. By being up front off the bat, not only do you present a challenge to the girl – she has to steal you away from all of the other girls, but you’re approaching her honestly which will earn you points.

Some hot Asian girls UK also enjoy juggling men. There has been a 40% rise in Asian women interested in poly relationships with multiple partners. This takes the heat off of you to commit to a girl you enjoy having sex with but don’t want to settle down with. If you’re not sure which approach you prefer, use your judgment when deciding who to reveal that you are dating multiple girls to. Attitudes are changing every single day in regards to monogamy in North America. Whether you’re, Chinese, Japanese, African-American, or White – people are opening up to the joys of polygamy. It’s projected that by the year 2018 45% of relationships will be openly polygamous!

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