The New Popular Sexual Equation = White Guy Asian Girl

The New Sexual Equation = White Guy Asian Girl

Gone are the days of dating people exactly like yourself and only meeting dates through friends and family – the new dating equation = White guy Asian girl! There’s a sexual revolution happening all across North America. Date whoever you want to date, and date them with pride! If you want to be part of the movement of the happiest relationships across North America, consider dating an Asian woman. They have statistically fewer breakups, divorces, and marital problems.

White Guy Asian Girl: Why Is It Happening Now?

For the past few decades, North American dating has been slowly moving away from the boring and traditional into the exciting and multicultural. The growing trend of online dating has opened many doors to people that otherwise would have remained closed. A lot of guys used to be too intimidated to pursue relationships with gorgeous Asian women, but Asian dating sites have changed all of that.

Why It’s All About White Guy Asian Girl Dating

So many men crave a relationship with traditional values. Much of Western culture has completely changed and a lot of North American-born women are less focused on relationships, marriage, and starting families and are more interested in career and money. So where does that leave the guys who want to settle down, be a traditional man, and have a wife to come home to?

Many men now see the benefits of a White guy Asian girl pairing. Both the man and the woman get what they want and need out of the relationship, without the feeling of sacrifice. Statistically speaking, men who are married to Asian women are 50% less likely to have a mid-life crisis than a man married to his own race. This is because Asian women often put their husband’s needs before their own, and are dependable and reliable in a committed relationship.

New Stats About White Guy Asian Girl Dating

Read on to find out interesting facts about White guy Asian girl dating: a) Most guys prefer to date Asian women to any other race. When asked in a recent poll if guys had to choose only one race to date for the rest of their life, just over half voted for Asian women. b) Asian women are the highest rated in the relationship satisfaction. A poll conducted across North America showed that more men were happier and faithful in the committed relationships they had with Asian woman, than any other race. c) 90% of men are now interested in dating Asian women. The White guy Asian girl trend is catching on across North America. It was only a decade ago that only 40% of men were interested in dating Asian women. Now the number has spiked to 90%!

How To Start A White Guy Asian Girl Relationship

The best way to start a relationship with an Asian woman is by connecting on dating and hookup sites. It’s much easier to approach a woman when you know that she’s actively looking for a White guy. Don’t assume that just because you’re White that you can hit on any Asian girl you see on the street. When you join one of the Best Asian Dating Sites in your city, you’ll be connected with Asian women who are specifically interested in dating White guys. There are a lot of sites that cater to this demographic, so find out which sites are the most popular for Asian women in your city by reading The Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews.

Tips For White Guy Asian Girl Dating

Here are a couple of tips to improve your chances of snagging a hot, Asian girlfriend: a) Don’t approach women by saying, “I prefer Asian women.” If you join an Asian-specific dating site, then it’s already implied that you’re interested in Asian women. However, it’s not appropriate to say it to random women you meet at a bar or through friends. b) Different dating rules apply. If you’re used to “going Dutch” or showing up to dates looking like you’ve been jogging all day, rethink that for your Asian date. Asian women prefer guys who are well-groomed and treat them like a lady. If you want a traditional relationship, then you have to think like a gentleman. c) You might have to be persistent. Just because an Asian woman doesn’t ask you out, it doesn’t mean she’s not interested. Often Asian-American women aren’t as direct or aggressive as ones that you might be used to dating. Even if she has a great time on her first date with you, it’s unlikely that she’ll actively pursue a second one. She’s going to wait for you to take the lead and invite her out again. Be prepared to earn her trust and make the effort when trying to woo her, but it’s worth it!

To meet Asian women interested in dating White men, check out the Best Asian Dating Sites. Also check out Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews for a breakdown of the best and worst sites for meeting Asian women.

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Find an Asian girlfriend now and become part of the White guy Asian girl equation!