How To Use Social Media To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls

How To Pick Up Your Favorite Online Thick Asian Girls

Follow these tips if you have a crush on a selfie-posting hottie, but find it difficult to get internet-famous thick Asian girls to pay attention to you. You may think that the fly Asian girl you have a crush on is too hot for you, but she’s actually easier to get than you realize.

How To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls #1: Use Compliments But Don’t Be Creepy

The quickest way to make thick Asian girls smile is to give them a cute compliment. Don’t be overly sexual or overly aggressive, but rather compliment them on their style, their cool hair, or their nice makeup. Even if you have all kinds of sexy thoughts about them, keep those to yourself until you’re actually dating them. A friendly compliment lets them know you’re interested, but without making it uncomfortable – whether you’re posting it publicly or sending them a private message on a top Asian dating site.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Hitting On Thick Asian Girls

Do tell her you find her attractive, without being overly specific or graphic. Don’tkeep talking about how thick, curvy, or big she is “for an Asian girl.” All girls love to feel unique, but not in a freakish way. If you make her feel like she looks unnatural or weird, she isn’t going to like you. You can compliment her on how curvy she is, just don’t bring up the fact that she’s curvy for an Asian girl. Do ask her questions about her background, once you get to know her better. Don’t talk about how you don’t usually find Asian girls attractive. It is one of the biggest turn-offs for an Asian girls when a guy says, ”You’re really hot… for an Asian girl.” Not only is it incredibly rude and racist, but it’s not even remotely complimentary.

How To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls #2: Increase Your Social Media Game

If you use your real name on the Asian dating site you’re a member of, then the girls you hit on will probably look up your social media accounts. A lot of girls like to play detective before they go on a date with a guy, so if you have social media accounts, be aware that she might go looking through them. Make yourself look a little cooler on your account by getting more followers using an attractive profile photo and putting a little bit of effort into what you post – because she will notice.

How To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls #3: Find Social Media Mavens On Dating Sites

Most of the single social media celebrities use online dating apps to meet guys. They’re totally obsessed with using their smart phone and apps, and dating is no different for them. Girls who are totally immersed in online culture prefer to meet people through the Internet than in person.

Your best bet for meeting any of the single thick Asian girls you follow on social media, is to message them through a dating website. Try to find out what kinds of sites they would use for dating to meet men. If she’s an Asian girl, then she probably uses one of the top Asian dating sites to meet guys. For a list of the best Asian dating sites, check out Best Asian Dating Sites.

How To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls #4: Be An Online Peacock

Asian girls like to think that their boyfriend is the hottest and/or coolest one they could find. They like to think that they attract the most stylish guys around. If you want to impress the thick Asian girl of your dreams, then make yourself appear to be her Prince Charming. What kind of stuff do the girls you like find cool? Where do they hang out? What music do they listen to? What kind of guys are they friends with? By doing a little research, you can make yourself look more appealing to thick Asian girls. Which leads to the next point…

How To Pick Up Thick Asian Girls #5: Reality Is Flexible

Even if you’re broke, live at home with your parents, and are unemployed – no one you’re trying to date has to know that. Don’t post anything online that might embarrass you or make you look like a less than desirable candidate for being a boyfriend. You can reveal all of these details after the first few days when she already has been a crush on you! By keeping your cards close to your chest, you allow your potential Asian girlfriend to see what she wants. While it’s not completely honest, it’s also not dishonest!

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