5 Simple Ways To Tell If An Asian Girl Likes You

Five Ways To Tell If An Asian Girl Likes You

Discover the five easiest ways to tell if an Asian girl is interested in you on a date, or is secretly crushing out and dreaming about hooking up with you!

1. An Asian Girl Likes You If… She Smiles A Lot Around You

If she’s smiling and laughing at your jokes, then it’s a sure sign she’s enjoying your company. If she leans into you when she’s laughing and smiling, even better.

2. An Asian Girl Likes You If… She Asks You A Lot Of Questions

If the girl you’re on a date with, or just met up with, is asking you a lot of questions about yourself – it’s because she’s intrigued by you. If she’s zoning out while you’re talking, then she’s probably not that into you. If you don’t want to give up just yet, ask her questions about things she’s interested in – and let her warm up to you that way.

3. An Asian Girl Likes You If… She Touches You Multiple Times

Asian girls aren’t that touchy-feely with strangers, so if she’s making the effort to touch you – on the arm, shoulder, or more intimately – it’s because she’s attracted to you. If she leans into you, or her body language indicates that she’s invested in the conversation, then you’re good to go.

4. An Asian Girl Likes You If… She Blushes A Lot

It can often be hard to read Asian girls, as many of them are polite. If you really want to know if she thinks you’re hot or funny, check out her facial expressions. If she’s smiley, nervous, and blushing – then you’ve successfully got her attention!

5. An Asian Girl Likes You If… She Messages You First

Whether you meet through a dating site or you meet an asian girl locally, if she’s the first one to text or message you – she’s interested. Try to ask her questions instead of generic responses, it will help keep her interested! Remember, don’t text or message too much, just enough to keep her interested! The goal is to get her to want to hang out with you in person again.

Some easy ways to tell that she’s losing interest…

If she keeps checking her phone, she’s not really paying attention to you, or avoiding eye contact at all costs – it’s because she’s trying to disengage from the conversation or situation. You might still be able to win her over, but usually it’s a good time to back up!

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