What Type Of Asian Girlfriend Are You – Fun Dating Quiz

What Type Of Asian Girlfriend Are You? Quiz

Find out what type of Asian girlfriend you are by doing this fun quiz, and by picking the most honest answer you can discover which kind of guys like you!

Asian Girlfriend #1: Shy, Quiet, And Secretly Kinky

You often avoid eye contact and are too shy to approach a guy that you like. Even if a guy you like approaches you, sometimes you get too embarrassed to show him that you’re interested!

Which Guys Want To Date Asian Girls Like You?

Dating other shy guys can be a bad match because neither of you will ever make the first move! Unless you chat online for a while before you meet up, you might both be too nervous! Try online dating sites to meet sweet, shy guys. Otherwise, just be cute and hang around your crush’s hangout spots – loud guys love shy Asian girls!

Asian Girlfriend #2: Addicted To Phone =)

You love to do everything on your phone: text, talk, social media, and meet cute guys! You could be in the same room as your boyfriend and you still might text him an emoji! You’re also probably funny and you keep up to date with all the latest styles, movies, and cool stuff happening.

Which Guys Want To Date Asian Girls Like You?

Guys who are glued to their phone are your perfect match! The best way to meet a guy like this is using a dating website with an app!

Asian Girlfriend #3: Creative And Cool

You like to draw or make music and share your work online. You probably have really cool makeup and take a lot of pride in how you dress. You probably take a lot of selfies!

Which Guys Want To Date Asian Girls Like You?

The best match for you is guys who dress well and has a lot of interests: a guy in a band or an artist. You can meet these guys at local galleries or venues. A lot of shy artist types also use dating apps. If you’re looking to attract artsy guys – make your dating profile look artsy!

Asian Girlfriend #4: Outgoing, Party Girl

You break conventional stereotypes about Asian girls. You’re loud and proud, and you like to party. You like to chase guys instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Which Guys Want To Date Asian Girls Like You?

A lot of guys like your direct approach, but sometimes it can be intimidating. Make sure to take a breath from talking about yourself, to listen to the guy you like talk about himself!

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