Review Review Review one of our choices for the best Asian dating sites. The site is very easy to use and will hook you up with sexy Asian members quickly. The homepage is to the point without being overly lengthy and explanatory. doesn’t beat around the bush about what the site is intended for, which is to get you laid. The site is for casual hookups and casual hookups only! You won’t have to worry about girls who want to be in a relationship or girls who get clingy after hooking up. If you are chatting with a sexy Asian single on, there is only one thing you will be talking about, hooking up.

Sign Up and First Impression

The sign up was very quick and easy. You only have to answer the standard questions like what you’re looking for and where you are. You also will need to provide a valid email address and your desired screen name. After that you will get a link sent to your email that will allow you to view your new profile. The first thing I noticed when browsing the site was the diversity of the members. By diverse I mean women of different ages and races, but all very attractive, I would have hooked up with any of them. Since I’ve been reviewing Asian dating site, the frat thing I did after getting on the site was search for Asian women in my area. I was not disappointed with my results since I got a list of some of the sexiest Asian women I have ever seen in my life. The sites intent is to get you laid and the women on this site are clearly not shy about that fact. The profiles pictures we’re not PG and instead something you might see on a cam girl site. Since I’m located in a major city the list seemed to go on forever and most of the women I was shown were close enough for me to get there in a very short time. The first message I sent was almost immediately replied to with just “when do you want to come over?”


  • Search Tool lets you search specifically for Asian members so you can use it as an Asian dating site. You can also refine that search even further so you can find whatever type of Asian women you are looking for. You might even find something you didn’t even know you wanted.
  • IM and Video Chat lets you chat and see the member you are going to hook up with before you decide. I had some pretty R-rated chats that we’re a whole lot of fun in themselves
  • Profile Videos are a great way to check out a member if they aren’t online to chat. Again, some of the videos I saw we’re very X-rated so you can have fun just watching videos posted by some seriously sexy members



  • The site allows you to search for Asian members exclusively and lets you search even further for a specific type of Asian member. The site can easily be used to find you Asian members only.
  • Quick and easy sign up process with a free basic account that lets you browse the site.
  • The site doesn’t hide the fact that it only exists to get people laid. Members are just looking to hook up and don’t want anything beyond casual.
  • Mobile Friendly site allows you to browse members and hook up from anywhere while on the go. The site has members all over the country as well as in many other countries over seas so if you are traveling abroad you can hookup using
  • The site is very discreet so its great for people looking for some extramarital hookups.


  • You must upgrade your basic membership in order to fully gain access and chat with other members. The price is one of the lowest in our list of Asian dating sites though.
  • I had to try twice to get my confirmation email so the sign up took an extra few minutes.


The site allows you to create a free basic membership so you can get on the site before upgrading. I upgraded the account so that we could do a fully in depth review. The upgraded memberships are split into two tiers, Silver and Gold. Since I wanted to view every aspect of the site, I upgraded to the Gold membership.


As with all the other sites in our list of the best Asian dating sites, I used the site for roughly a month and sent 50 messages the results are below.
Messages Sent 50
Relies Received 39
Dates From Replies 20
Hookups From Dates 11
I hooked up with 1 of every 5 women I messaged. Those are great numbers! This is meant to be a small representation of your odds of hooking up on the site. There is so many things you can look for and so many people you can meet. I would say your odds of hooking up on are very very good. This doesn’t include messages that were sent to me from female members. I will definitely be going back to reply to some of those since I find that my odds of hooking up are even better from women who reach out to me first. Some might not be your first choice since the women on the site are crazy hot, but if any of these women approached you on the street and asked if you wanted to hookup, I’m confident you would drop whatever it was you were doing. I hooked up on the first “date” I went on from this site. I always like to mention that if you were to use the site, you could easily send 50 messages in a matter of minutes. IT works to take time and come up with a message that’s engaging and just copy and paste that into each message you send. It’s a great time saver since you clearly want to spend as much time as possible using the site to hookup.

Conclusion was an easy entry into our list of the best Asian dating sites. While the site isn’t exclusively for Asian members and people looking to hook up with a sexy Asian, it does work just like one. The search tool is very in depth and you will only be provided with the exact kind of women you want. You can also just broaden your search and you will find thousands of Asian women who want to hook up. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to hook up with a sexy Asian female, or anyone who just wants to hookup for that matter. Make sure to check out the other entries in our list of the best Asian dating sites and also make sure to check out what sites to avoid! Check out one of our best Asian dating sites and start hooking up! Sign Up For Your Free Account Now