Your Guide To Finding Hot Lesbian Asian Girls Online

Your Ultimate Guide To Finding Lesbian Asian Girls

If you find it difficult to meet Lesbian Asian girls in your city, you’re not alone – which is why we created this guide to help you find local matches! Asian lesbians are such a niche dating demographic that they are essentially forced to use the internet to find each other. Unless you have every single night of the week free to scour bars, restaurants, and local lesbian hangouts, the odds of you actually meeting your dream girl are slim to none without the aid of the internet. A statement like that would seem bleak five years ago, but today more than 90% of the single lesbian population in North America uses hookup sites and apps to connect with each other.

It can be hard to crack into the tight-knit social circles from the outside. If you annoy one lesbian, it can be game over. Many of them can be clique-y, and it takes true perseverance to break through. The only way in is by dating one! However, approaching hot, intimidating lesbians isn’t going to happen for a lot of single ladies looking for their Asian dream girl. Joining online dating sites, communities, and using social media is the most direct path to finding what you want.

Find Lesbian Asian Girls Tip #1: Join A Community

Becoming part of a lesbian community can be difficult, especially if you’re specifically interested in dating lesbian Asian girls. You can often find out about these communities through local online listings or in the back pages of your local free “what’s cool?” type newspaper. If there isn’t a physical community for you to join in your city, then finding one online is the next best thing. If you’re new to the area that you live, or you just don’t know that many gay, lesbian, or Asian people on your personal social media accounts then the next best place to find or create an online community is through a dating site.

Even if you’re not that interested in joining a dating site you can still build communities through dating sites to meet lesbian Asian girls. You can easily find out about events that cater to lesbians by messaging some privately. Don’t be afraid to be bold online, because you have nothing to lose. The worst that can happen is that you won’t receive a response. If you word your message in a friendly manner, most lesbians understand what it feels like to be new and will respond favorably.

Find Lesbian Asian Girls Tip #2: Use Social Media To Advertise That You’re Single

Using social media is a great tool to meet other lesbian Asian girls in your city. Connect with groups and ‘add’ or follow well-connected users to find out where the hottest lesbian parties are. Another way to use social media to “advertise” that you’re single and looking for lady love is to post a link to your dating profile. Everyone is guilty of lurking. You go to an event, you see some hot girls and you try and find them the next day on social media. Sometimes you request or follow them, and sometimes you chicken out. For every hot lesbian you do that to, someone else is doing it to you!

By adding a link to your dating profile, any girls who are wondering if you’re up for dating can check out your profile and see if they should approach you or not. If the don’t have the nerve to directly add you on social media, they can create a dating site profile and message you that way. Finding the lesbian Asian girls of your dreams can seem like a distant fantasy, but you’re actually closer than you think.

Find Lesbian Asian Girls Tip #3: Create A Hookup Event

If you really want to kill it on a dating site with lesbian Asian girls – create an event! You can advertise your event on social media, but that can only reach as many people as you or your friends already know. When you create a hookup event and post it inside your dating profile, you can attract even more women – and the kind that you actually want to meet. Even if a cute, lesbian Asian girl is too shy to approach you online, bumping into you at the party might seem more organic. Or if she isn’t super interested, she will probably be interested in your event, since she’s on a dating site for the exact same reason as you. Usually lesbians don’t travel alone, so rest assured if you’ve piqued the interest of one with your event, you’ve piqued the interest of many.

You can’t always tell at the bar who is just out with the girls at a lesbian party and who is actually a lesbian. By advertising your own event on your dating profile, it becomes more of a “meet singles” thing than just “lesbian Asian girl-themed party.” By hosting your own party, you also become the first person that cute lesbians will approach if they don’t know anyone. It’s basically the ideal scenario to finding a hot Asian girl to hook up with.

Not only does hosting and advertising an event on your dating profile attract new people into your life, but it also makes you look more popular and attractive in the process. “If you build it, they will come!” Be a pioneer and soon you’ll have lots of hot Asian lesbians champing at the bit to be your next girlfriend! For a list of the some of the hottest places to find Asian babes, check out Best Asian Dating Sites Reviews. Find out which ones cater to lesbians and will help you reach the most women locally.

Find Lesbian Asian Girls Tip #4: Use Hookup Apps With GPS

When you download a hookup app for meeting hot lesbians, you might notice that it’s not that effective unless you have your GPS on frequently. The user experience is vastly different from women who rarely sign in, and women who use it on-the-go wherever they are. Studies show that by enabling GPS matches on lesbian hookup apps, you increase your odds of hooking up by over 90%. No matter where you go – to the groceries, on your way to work, while eating late-night Chinese food – it’s always an opportunity to meet single lesbian Asian girls. If you pass a cute girl on the street and you wonder to yourself, “Is she a lesbian? Did she just check me out?” This is one easy way to confirm it! Since most Asian lesbians in North America use GPS hookup apps there’s a very high chance that you guys will show up on each other’s radar! Then you can initiate a conversation. It’s literally that simple.

Find Lesbian Asian Girls Tip #5: Leave Your Gaydar At Home, Emblazon Your Status On Your Chest

If you’re still not happy with the amount of sexy Asian girls you’re meeting, then go the extra mile and print off some custom t-shirts that tell the world you’re gay, proud, and on the hunt for Asian lesbians! Sure, it’s embarrassing to put your fantasies out there, but it’s one way to get what you want. Double up on exposure by taking a photo of yourself in the t-shirt and using it as your profile pic on social media and dating sites.

If you want to attract lesbian Asian girls, using all of these methods combined will literally force the girls to look at you! Be proactive and don’t give up. The power of the internet is vast and untapped. By honing your online dating skills you can become a total master of hooking up with Asian lesbians in your city. You can become a legend that all lesbians aspire to!

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