Find Your Ideal Asian Girlfriend With This Fun Quiz

Who Is Your Ideal Asian Girlfriend?

You can’t find your dream Asian girlfriend if you don’t know what you’re looking for. So check out this list of five Asian girlfriends to find your type!

Your Dream Asian Girl Is Sweet

You’re looking for a sweet, Asian girl that likes to be treated like a lady and will make a good girlfriend. You’re not as interested in one night stands, as you are in finding a good match that you can take home to your family.

Find Sweet Asian Girls On Dating Sites

A lot of sweet Asian girls are too shy for meeting guys that just come up to them on the street. They need to get to know you online. Fortunately, pretty much everyone is on dating sites now – so are the girls you want.

Your Dream Asian Girl Is Creative

You want an artsy Asian girlfriend who dresses with style and spends her time drawing instead of partying. You like to cuddle up in front of the TV with your sketchbooks open.

Find Creative Asian Girls On Social Media

The best place to meet Asian artist girls is through social media sites. Follow them, like, and comment on their creative posts. They’ll take notice!

Your Dream Asian Girl Is Sexy

Sexy girls smell good, show of all the right things with how they dress, and are confident. Sexy girls are surprisingly the easiest to find and meet up with.

Find Sexy Asian Girls On Hookup Apps

For some reason sexy girls don’t usually respond to male attention in person, but they certainly do online. Approach them directly, through a dating site, and make sure your profile is interesting and flattering.

Your Dream Asian Girl Is Traditional

You’re looking for wife material. Whether you’re sick of dating or your parents are pressuring you, you’re looking to settle down and start a family.

Find Traditional Asian Girls Through Family

Finding a traditional Asian girl usually means going through your parents or family friends. It can be a stressful experience. I highly encourage you to keep casually dating!

Your Dream Asian Girl Is Wild

Wild girls can be a handful, but if you’re looking for the hottest sex with the least commitment, then wild Asian girls are the way to go.

Find Wild Asian Girls On Hookup Apps + Dating Sites

If you’re not a bar-hopper, the best place to meet wild Asian girls is on dating and sex sites, or using hookup apps like any of the ones found on the Best Asian Dating Sites.

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