Zoosk.com Review

Zoosk.com Review worst-asian-dating-sites Zoosk.com is another entry into our list of the worst Asian dating websites. The site is another popular mainstream site that’s gotten a lot of attention from the in the past since they have launched large advertising campaigns. I’m starting to think that these mainstream sites spend all the money they take from people looking to hook up and spend it on ads instead of improving the site and the services they provide. The site is flashy when you first check it out, but once you are using the site it’s dull and ultimately disappointing.

Sign Up and First Impressions

The sign up process was somewhat annoying and left me frustrated. After filling out your name and address you are taken to the next page where you provide your location and some information about yourself. You are also required to upload a photo before you can move forward to the site, which I found slightly annoying. I found it more annoying when the picture I chose didn’t suit their guidelines. The guidelines aren’t clear so I don’t know what was wrong with the original photo I tried. In the guidelines they state that any picture displaying “pornographic” material will be removed, which is far from the very racy profile pictures I enjoyed from any of our best Asian dating websites. They also require you to input your “highest level of education reached” which just sound like a question a bitchy and judgmental women would ask on a first date. Once I finally got onto the site I was disappointed since it was kind of boring. It was basic and there wasn’t anything that stood out to me.


  • The search tool is very limited since profiles only display a very limited amount of information. You aren’t even able to display what type of relationship or member you are looking for. You can search for Asian members, but that’s as in-depth as the search will get.
  • Profiles allow you to upload up to 6 photos, but won’t allow you to upload a video.
  • “Zoosk Virtual Gifts” can be bought with “Zoosk Coins” which you can only get by buying them for $9.95 for 180 coins, 480 Coins for $39.95, and 1800 coins for $99.95. Not sure why anyone would need to use the site to send member presents as if it was some Russian mail order bride service.


Zoosk only has one tier of paid membership, which they call “Premium”. The base price is $29.95 per month. You can get discounts for a 3-month member ship and pay $59.95 or a 6-month membership for $74.95. That’s without all the upgrades and Zoosk coin add ons.


Since the site didn’t seem very promising I signed up for 1 month since I didn’t want to be committed to more if I didn’t like the site. That was a wise choice since the site was disappointing. I searched for Asian women in my area and didn’t get a lot of results. I sent a few messages to the women I was shown, but only got one reply. The women didn’t seem interested in anything casual and was asking me about past relationships and what I wanted from the future. I was not interested in having that conversation so I politely ended it. I had found so much success with better sites that I decided that I had already wasted enough time on Zoosk.


With Zoosk’s limited profiles and awful search tool I would ultimately not recommend this site and have included it on the list of the worst Asian dating websites. The site is bare bones and doesn’t have much to offer. They seem to be concerned mostly with getting you to spend money. The site has too many things that can only be accessed though additional payments and upgrades so I think your money is best spent elsewhere. Make sure to check out our other choices for the worst Asian dating websites to know what sites to avoid. Most importantly check out our list of the beast Asian dating websites and start hooking up. Avoid Zoosk and spend you money on a site that will get you what you want. Avoid this SCAM site! Check out list of the best Asian Dating Sites here